KALA Drishti 🎨🎭

Hello friends, how are you all ? Hope you are doing great. Today i’m gonna tell you about Kala Drishti, An art Heritage. It is a trust intended to benefit upcoming artists all its activities will have their concerns as a prime focus.

Kala Drishti is primarily an artist-run trust with support for upcoming artists as their primary agenda. The programs and initiatives are wide and varied, venturing into all realms of the artistic sphere, including advisory, camps, residencies, art awareness programs, outreach programs, seminars, symposiums, art appreciation programs, corporate gifting and so on.

Despite having many world renowned artists, the art scene has yet to grow and find its right place in India. It is very difficult for the budding talented artists to find recognition for their work, most of them go unsung of and unrecognized. A group of artist have formed “Kala Drishti” a trust for upcoming artists, so that they are able to achieve reasonable success in their field. Kala Drishti’s aim is to cultivate awareness and an eye for art. Kala Drishti presents art heritage collection conceptualized by ANJALI JAIN and RITIKA JAIN. These are represented in the miniatures, Madhubanies and Kalamkari old world style of paintings.

Anjali Jain has been involved in art since her childhood. Having an eye for detail, she visualised art even on the cracks and spots on the walls. She used to get flashes of images and situations in her mind at the spur of the movement and get inspired by them. Even today, most of her paintings are a result of these flashes. Her biggest interest is Metaphysics and the search for self. Her most rewarding posting was in Dilli Haat, where she was the (O.S.D.) looking after the working of the project’s. It’s here, that she was able to use her creative skills, imagination in organising various programs and functions, festivals etc., all of which were really appreciated. She is very creative, artistic and a passionate lady.

Ritika Jain co-trustee of Kala Drishti and daughter of Anjali Jain has also been equally involved in Kala Drishti. She stays in Singapore and is a passionate dancer, choreographer, teacher, arts enthusiast, promoter and collector. She is instrumental in promoting art works of upcoming artists in India and abroad. Her passion & experience in visual as well as performing arts puts her in a very unique and strong position to cultivate awareness for art.

Here are some of their creative art works that they have created by their skillfull artists, lets see their hard work and appreciate their work –

Kala Drishti is doing really great and i truely appreciate their idea of promoting talent by these amazing people who rarely get a chance to show their talents in this world of higher challenges. Hope you like these creative artistic ideas by Kala Drishti and if like them and wanted to apreciate their Hard Works must check in to site here – Website- http://kaladrishti.org/index.php




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