Hello wonderful women out’re you all. I know you are lovely…Being a Lady is always lovely isn’t it. And we love doing makeup thats an undeniable thing, always i know some of us don’t want to reveal it but thats okay…i can understand because i am in a same row πŸ™Š . But technically it is not that bad to do makeup of if you make a clean line with kajal over your eye it is not making any difference, right? And with all that if the products you are applying are 100% natural and organic than why not. So you might be getting an idea why i am talking about beauty and products …eep!! Yeah, you’re right i am talking about cosmetics by GALA of LONDON. I’ve tried these Matte Shades by Gala of London and i really like them. I have a habit of applying Lipsticks everyday and i am aware of the bad after effects of Lipsticks. But i try these lipshades and my lips feels soft and they are not chapped at all. Their are two reasons why i love the products by Gala of London, that is first, the products are paraben free and not animal tested and second they are made up with very natural products like jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Castrol Oil and some Vitamins as well. So yeah i have reasons to say that these are very effective because i used them and really wanna continue using themπŸ˜‡

So, if you want to order your Gala of London products you can order from Nykaa or amazon and also you can order them from its official site that is .

And here it ends. Hope you like it. 😘



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