Hey guys welcome to my channel again. Hope you are doing great . Summers are hot and sexy, so is our Glamego subscription box. Yeah, you are right today i’m gonna review about this month’s Glamego box which is packed with a very cute ice cream theme packaging which i like the most??❤

What’s special about February ’18 Glamego box is that it is made by keeping in mind this Summer Sunny season where we require to save ourselves from the high UV Rays that sun gives. So what are we waiting for, lets start unboxing.

This time in Glamego Box we get-

1. My Island Kiss | Rs. 499/-

This Lip tint product which we get in this month’s Glamego is selected for Eminent Vogue Beauty Awards 2018. It leaves your lips moisturised with a lovely tint. I get Bunny Pink tint which is of Cherry Blossom flavour.

2. Tjori Anti-Tan Pack | Rs. 525

This is the perfect natural sun defence using age old formulation combining wild raw turmeric with natural essential oils that forms a beautiful shield on the skin that reverses the effect of skin damaging free radicals.

3. Nelf USA – Compact | Rs. 350

This is a best compact with Spf 18 formulation technique for sun protection against darkening. You can get a perfect glowing & bright finish with aqualite fairness compact powder with UV.

4. Vedicline – Gold Facial | Rs. 350

Ayurveda suggests use of saffron, almond, marigold flowers, turmeric & sandalwood for benefits of gold, since they absorbs golden rays of the sun & have gold like benefits on skin.

5. Natural Bath & Body – Vital Nouriahment Cream | Rs. 150

This is the surprise product that i get in this month’s glamego box. This cream is Vital nourishment cream with vitamin – C that gives your face a lighter- whiter- brighter fix.

You get all the above products in Rs. 299/- only. And if you get to look into the actual pricing rates of all products you will be shocked but yeah its around Rs. 2000/-.
I think this is the best idea to why to choose Glamego, isn’t it??

Hope you like my review on Glamego Subscription Box, if you interested to book your subscription box check out this link – https://glamego.com


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