Fragrance By Perfumebooth 💕

Everybody wants to look good, But what if it disturbs someone while to stinks so hard that made a person moves away their chair..its really an embarrasing moment for anybody. But when we talking about deodrants and perfumes how can one says if the perfume is filled with chemicals or air, We cant really deal with this kind of situation as its the tricky one.

But dont you worry my friends, i am always there for you to guide you about all your beauty and skin related problems. So, today i’m gonna review about Perfumebooth, india’s top organic and natural perfume brand, where you find number of perfumes suiting to different personalities and moods.

Story about Perfumebooth

Coming from a family that has been in the perfume business for the last 30 years, Rohit Agrawal has managed to understand the fragrance market perfectly. He has been born and brought up in an environment that speaks the ‘fragrance language’. After getting into the distribution business, Sunil,Rohit and Richa, the founding trio realized that the market for fragrance in India is dominated by deodorants. They managed to crack the code when they figured that perfumes are associated with an ‘expensive’ purchase, whereas deodorants are ‘affordable’. They began working on The Perfume Booth that offers amazing fragrances from all over the world at affordable prices with a dream of making perfumes easily accessible and affordable.

So, Whats special in perfume booth ??

Ok so perfume booth presents you will Perfume selfie in which you get seven perfumes that are suitable to your style and persona. It is a unique concept that has never been explored before. Isn’t this a great concept😍

If you wish to try fragrances from leading brands before investing in just one of them, The Perfume Booth has Perfume Selfie and Scent Shot for you. Each having a handpicked assorted collection of 7 international fragrances in form of miniature vials packed in a striking box. This is how we make available high-end international fragrance at the lowest possible cost to our customers. Apart from this, you can also buy bigger perfume bottles from some of the popular international brands.

Link to buy –



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