Winter Fashion !! πŸ’•

Heyy, ssup guys??. Winter is in so is fashion. Nothing stops your fashion sense not even winters, right? Okay so by not wasting any time lets get started with this dressing style which i recently made, hope you like it. πŸ’‹

If you see the picture you find that it is a simple skirt and top piece which i wore. But actually it is not a top, but a dress. Yeah, thats my trick to stay warm and slay with style πŸ˜„. I tuck in this grey dress in black skirt from faballey, and this  idea just slay. 

Dress up in winters is a tough task as you feel cold and just wanted to cover youself with warm overcoats, jackets and jeans. And i choose not to go in public, but to stand alone. Yes if you wanna wear short skirts in winter thats really your call and nobody will ask you and if they ask tell them that you like wearing it thats it. 

With this outfit i’ve not wear any accessories but i carry this pretty owl purse which i purchase from Club Factory and this gives me a decent and simple look.

Hope this helps you guys a lil about winter dressing, how to stay warm in winter with some simple hacks. 




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