Glow with me..!😘

​Hey beautiful ladies..ssup??..i wish you all are beautiful as i mention before πŸ’Ÿ. Although i love the tone of dusky and i feel proud to have this tone but their are many women who are always worried about their skin tone and wish to have lighter tone. So today i am here with some effective ideas to lighten the skin tone and here lighten means not really to change it from darker to fair but to make a skin naturally glowing. So what are we waiting for..have a look below –

Lemon with Honey
Lemon has a propery to lighten the skin tone and it really works like a bleach on the skin and honey makes the skin smooth and shiny so, when we add honey with lemon it turns like a sour sugar which really works effective for the skin. If you apply this paste for 15-20 minutes a week you will definately feel the change on your skin tone. You can also use sugar in space of honey.

– Never use lemon without honey as it might cause white spots on your skin.

Rice Powder
Yes, rice powder also has a skin lightening properties. Add rose water in rice powder and make a paste. Then apply this paste just like you use scrub. It clears the dead cells of the skin and makes the skin glowing.

Multani Mitti
Multani mitti is very natural soil which lightens the skin tone and also shrinks the pimple without leaving a scar. I prefer applying multani mitti at night so that i leave this as it is overnight. Why night??..because at night our skin develops even more oil than whole day and it helps the skin to keep dry. Do this procedure daily. It is really very effective amongst technique to lighten the skin tone.

Oil treatment
Most of us lose our glow by sun tanning, and to clean tanning we need something greasy or creamy so that the tan will get remove. To remove tanning i prefer oil treatment, in which you just have to massage with natural oil before going to bath. This is really effective for the tanning purpose and also for the glowing skin.

So,these are my tricks and techniques which i usually do to get glowing and flawless skin, i am sure you will get the best results on your skin too. Hope you like this post 😊


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