Living my dream..πŸ’—

​Heyo my lovely audience, first of all i want to say thankyou, thankyou so much for showing your love by reading my posts. You know when i started writing i really have no idea about how to write a content that makes people like or read. In the starting only few people view my posts like 5 or less than that. Most of the time I thought if it is good to continue or leave and start searching a job which is a necessity. But still my mind always wander to things which i really wanted to do. When i was working, i always think that .. really it is it.? this i really wanted to do??..a 9 hour job. My mind say yes this is what everybody have to do to earn a living which is a necessity and on the other side heart say do what you want to do ..we live only once.. Everyday is precious dont spoil this by doing the job which is only your necessity not dream. Do something like you want to be in next 5 years..something like that. So whenever i have a mind to change my mind to not to write, my heart whisper ..shut up idiot, this is a lifetime opportunity dont waste it. Do write a post which is not artificial but what you feel, what you love to write. So i write. And really happy to see that my views are now 150 a day which really makes me this 😊. This happiness is even more than the office bonus, monthly pay out or salary increment because this is the thing in which i am very good at and doing a thing which is your priority is very interesting. Earning extra money in office by doing overtime is something which we dont like but the results are good and on the other hand doing a thing which we love unexpecedly and unconditionally is love. So,what i want to say here is do whatever you love, whatever you are good at and start to live your dream too cz it is a lifetime opportunity…πŸ’—


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