Sheet mask day ! πŸ’Œ

​Hello people, whats up??..hope you are doing great. So lets begins the todays topic which is sheet masks but before that i want to ask you a question, how many of you are office or college going people. I know most of you are one of them…so you are already aware of that tired faces, dust, tanning, sleepy faces and  all while doing your daily jobs. I know its not possible to stop our daily activities for these few reasons but we can eliminate them by doing something for it. Doing facial everyday is not the solution and daily scrubbing is also not good for your face. So today i want to introduce you with the remedy to all your face related problems nd that is sheet masks. Yesterday when i was doing online shopping i purchase mond sub’s face masks. These mask are not like other peel of masks but a sleek sheet shaped masks which are filled with gel or watery substances that contains glycerol, rose oil, castor oils, seaweed extract and lots more. All we have to do is place the sheet on the face for minimum of 20 minutes. When i apply the mask i found that the gel substance is still their after 20 minutes which is really a good property of these masks. My experience After applying the mask is very good it really freshen my face and my skin looks so plumpy, glowing and stress free. I am really gonna review my feedback for mondsub and also want to recommend you guys to get this product for yourself too. If you want to purchase these masks just go the following links which are given below –

Mondsub is also available on nykaa and amazon you can check there too.


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