Pink Rushh…!!πŸ’Ÿ

​Heyy cuties, how are you?? Blushhy blushy or cutiee cutiee??..well, both are same when a girl is cute as the common thing between both the answers is our favourite colour PINK. Yup you are right i am thinking pink today😍. Pink is one of my favourite colour amongst all as it pretty much more suitable on me than any other colour. You know every colour symbolizes a specific character of its own like red is hot, blue is royal, black is classy, white is mode, green is fresh and pink is cute. These colours play a very significant role in our lives like if a girl you is pretty hot wears white it makes her look more sophisticated than hot and a girl who is cute wears red it makes her look hotπŸ™ˆ. So its the matter of colours only. Colours also differenciate a men with women as you see girls sign is made by pink symbol and boys sign is of blue. I dont want to make fun of boys here but its really seems amusing when i see a boy wearing pink shirt πŸ˜„ but on the contrary if a girl wore blue it makes here pretty though, So here i dont want to offend anyone but these are my views and logics about colours. Mostly people think that light shades clothes like yellow and pink or white are not looking good on wheating or dark colour even most of the people make fun of south indian girls who they wear gold jewelleries because south indian girls are dark. But according to me this is a point which is absolutely void as most of the indIan celebrity beauties like sridevi, hema malini and rekha are also south indian and these ladies considered as most beautiful actresses in bollywood and all of them wear all such colours and also wear gold jewelleries. So it is nothing but a wrong conceptions made by some stupid people. So let it be we are not here to discuss about discrimination. I just wanted to show you some of my pictures in my favourite colour pink and hope you like it. 😊


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