A failure story ! πŸ˜Ά

​Hey people, how are you?? Hope you are doing great. Today i want to tell you a failure story. Hehe, yes failure story. You must be heard of many success stories of famous people who are now doing great in their life but was earlier a failure. I know most of the people definately not gonna read this post because it seems like a lil weak or unhealthy topic . But trust me its gonna be the superb one. So its a story about Jennifer, she is a average looking 24 year old girl who is looking for a job because recently she has been terminated from her previous organization. Why she got terminated?. Because there is no requirement in the company and they are teminating the employees who have got a 2 rating in the company. Why she get 2 rating? Because she have done an error. Ok. So thats it??.. No, She also issued with a warning letter. But why? She have an error. Only one error made all the stuff??. No, she was unlikable too. But why? Because she dont take initiate to talk with others. Why? Because she is introvert. Hmm. So what i understand here is that the girl lost her job because she have an error but it will never happen if she is extrovert. 

Why I am telling you all this because maybe in future she will become a very popular personality like or do something freaking awesome. Who knows! Through this story i just wanted to tell everyone who think that they are a big failure or nothing that maybe this is not the right time, maybe this is not the right work. Maybe later you  write your own success story. Writing a success story is easy but a failure story is much harder as it takes your heart to look back to the time where you think you are nothing. Hardships and hardlucks are just a bad days. Start ignoring them and look beyond your imagination πŸ’•

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Love.                                                         AasthaπŸ’‹


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