I love me too..!!πŸ’Œ

We all know that love is the best feeling in the world and it can happen at anytime with anyone. The best is considered when it happens with an opposite sex but why?? Why we need opposite sex or anyone to fall in love..i mean why heart is made by two pieces?.. Haha even The actual shape of heart is not like as it is showing everywhere. The actual heart is made up of blood, nerves, and all the stuff which nobody would ever wanna see. So it is clear that their is no need of anyone to start a lovestory. So why not change a trend ..why dont we start loving ourselves more and more each day. And trust me nobody loves you more than you love yourself..loving yourself by doing whatever you love to do. Let me tell you a secret , i love seeing myself in the mirror…so i do it all the time. I know i know …you think i am mad but i love it and i will do it just like lovers do kiss in the public as simple as that. If they are not doing anything wrong then i am also not doing anything wrong..i am loving myself. This is my love making with myself. Thats why when my mirror said me i love you..i said i love me too ! πŸ’—


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