Ugly is pretty ! πŸ’•

“Hey gorgeous, You looking great ! What have you done with your hair, it looks lovely and that dress makes you prettiest”. What you really feel after getting these comments?..umm lemme think.! Yeah you feel terribly awsome and love yourself even more and you feel like you are most beautiful women on this earth. Ofcorse, every women love to hear these words. But have you ever noticed what if you are not that much prettier or hot??… I know its a nightmare for everyone even for me too. But why pretty girls are more eyecatching and ugly girls not. Why it is more painful to hear the comment you are ugly??.. There are many girls in this world with diffrent sizes and shapes but why people always fantasize to the pretty ones. What if a girl is ugly from outside but adorable from inside, what if the eyecandy angel turns out into a devil. So what if she is dark or fat or short, she is human. She is not from another planet. Why dont we change our thinking from dark to hot, fat to sweet or short to cute. Their is not such any difference except the appearance. She is also menstruating and able to give birth to a child. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and that beholder is god. Thats why he created diverse variety of human and they are beautiful by their own unique way. Lets change our defination of beautiful today and accept your flaws and start loving them😊


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