Doll day !!πŸ’•

Heyy to all sweetheart girls out there !! Hope you are doing great in your life. Well being a girl a tough task that what all we know, but being a grown up girl is even toughest. Today is the time when a 13 year girl think that she is not a kid anymore. Haha ! When i was 13, i used to play with my kitchen set πŸ™ˆ and spending alot time dressing my barbie 😍. So what my meaning by all these things is that while growing up we just start growing and start changing our viewpoints from dolls to career or boyfriends or else. But have you ever think what is missing…no ??.. We are losing a time which will never came back at all. Its lifetime ahead to becoming a matured well mannered girl. I know stopping our growing process is not in our hands and nobody even wants to stop that πŸ™ˆ. What is in our hands is not to kill the kid inside us πŸ˜‡. Do whatever you want ..want to play woth dolls want to become a barbie ..go head 😍. So today’s theme is doll day. I want to make you cute lil girls a doll today. Show the world that you are cute enough to kill anybody by your looks ..πŸ˜‰

I bought this cute dress from Ali Express, it is an online site in which you can buy the beautiful collection of dresses in lesser amount. πŸ’•

To have a look like this you have to do 3 steps only –

1. wear the dress ofcorse πŸ˜‚

2. Mark a partition in your hair and make ponnies on each side.

3. Today i have not use any makeup product except lakme lip crayons. I use them for the eye and lip makeup. I applies the pink shade of lip crayon on the lower eyelids and it looks phenomenal. And i wore leaf shaped earings which i bought from cp. Isn’t it gorgeous. πŸ’•

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