Cover your soul in best outfit !💋

No outfit is outdated or old fashioned until and unless we think that it is and its not about the brand we wear or how much it costs. The only thing what people see in a person is how he is actually looking. Brands are only a tag, but a good fashion sense is the secret of the master not everyones cup of tea. According to me it doesn’t really matter if you are rich or not. As the stylists even make spoilt old looking cloth in fashion and it look stunning. Its all about the attitude of confidence you are carrying with it. You know when i was in college and worried about the exam my sister always told me leave it, you have already revised a chapter twice and thats all. The only thing which leads you to do well in exam is a good outfit. I know you must be wondering that what is a link between a good outfit and exam , well i was also thinking the same. But let me tell you one thing, that it is effective way because if you are looking good to yourself, it will gain a confidence in you and with this positivity you stop bothering about the nervousness of the exam and you automatically do well. So this is my mantra for day. Hope you people like this and follow this technique. I am definately sure that if it works for me then it works for you too. 😊

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Outfit details- Blue Dress- Club factory. Sneakers- Club factory. Accessesories- cp market.

Love. Aastha💋


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