Messy crimpy day !πŸŽ€

Hello ladies! I’m back. I know i am lil late for today’s post but their is a reason behind thatπŸ™ˆ. I’m very much excited for today look coz its my favourite one. Yes, you are right its crimpy hair day. Yayy!! 😊

Ok so before we start i just want to tell that i have not use any heating or straightening machine to get this crimp. So wanna see how i did?? Here we go..πŸ’ƒ

  • If you want to get these lovely crimps then go sleep. Haha! πŸ˜€ just kidding. You just have to make a partitions of your hair in two equal parts. After doing this make atleast 7 braids on each part and tightly lock them with rubber band. You can make more than 7 as well if your hair volume is high. Do not open them before 7-8 hours. Try to do this procedure in night time as you can sleep as well😊

Today i do an experiment with my eye makeup. As you can see here, i applied the eyeliner on my lower eyelid only. And it really looking great. I also use a sea green color eye shade below the side of the eyeliner to get a shimmery look on my eyes. For lips i use a orange color lipshade of lakme.😊

So, here it ends. Hope you people like this. And if you do then please dont forget to follow me for the next blogs.

Lots of love,                                             AasthaπŸ’‹


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