Dusky’s beauty 💋

Hey girles, whats up ?!?! Thinking about what to wear today?? Haha ! Well i know its a universal problem to every single girl on this planet and we suffer with this everyday. But what if someone came here with an idea of new style every single day, what would you say. Yes, you are right i really want to help you girls to choose what style to carry and rock each and every day with some simple fashion tips.

    Guess who ?? Haha! Obviously me. So here the look of the day which i choose especially for my dusky hotties. Trust me being a dusky is not only sexy but also a blessing. So why not enhance it with few style checks. So lets begin 💃😘

    1. We all think that lighter lipshades are just not made for dusky colour. But let me tell you its so our shade. It not only enhances lips but also made eyes quite wider and attractive. 
    2. Apply thicker shade of eyeliner on both the upper eyelid and lower eyelid. Please note applying thicker eyeliner is mandatory if you are applying a lighter lipshade because if your eyeliner is not visible properly then your face looks little dull.
    3. Try not to open your hair. You can make a right side pony as i do here.
    4. Bordot dresses are so in nowadays and it makes you more look more beautiful when you wear choker. Chokers are especially made for the bardot dresses. Just check that.
    5. And lastly, if you are going to apply a lighter lipshade then try to wear a darker dress with that and just like that if you are wearing lighter dress then use darke shade.💕

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